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Department of Research, Planning and Projects

The Department of Research, Planning and Projects is charged with the responsibility of coordinating research and planning programs, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of projects. It has the following Units namely:-

  1. Research and Planning
  2. Projects
  3. Information and communications technology

Research and Planning Unit

It is responsible for the following functions:-

  1. Effectively undertake policy implementation and review in order to adhere to guidelines
  2. Regularly undertakes research in cantonments in order to generate information for decision making
  3. Undertakes regular formulation of strategic and operational plans in order to facilitate implementation of the ministry’s programs
  4. Undertake timely preparation of draft budget plans in order to facilitate resource mobilization
  5. Undertakes regular monitoring and evaluation of research and planning functions in order to facilitate appropriate interventions
  6. Undertake timely maintenance of data bank in order to facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of information
  7. Coordinate preparation of departmental/unit work plans in order to facilitate monitoring and evaluation of performance.

Projects Unit

It is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and evaluating all capital projects for the ministry headquarters and the services.

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